Ion2 – window manager for Linux

From eye candy to ion2 – it’s a big change. But now that I am using this as my window manager, it feels just right. Admittedly, it’s nothing to look at (and I mean nothing – each window is full screen in a tab of its own) – but once you set up the keybindings, it’s fast! and really more useful. I’ve setup alt-left and alt-right to move between tabs, and find that most of the time, I do not have to use the mouse at all. I get more screen space, and now that I have setup thunderbird and firefox to be more keyboard friendly – quicker too. The only real problem is when I am playing Travian 🙂 – have to use the mouse then. Here is the ion2 config I’m using, it’s been stripped down to the basics at the moment. Will get added to as I learn more stuff or develop more specific requirements :).


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