I’m easily entertained

While browsing MSDN help (yep, I have to do some Windows related development :() – here is what my search turned up:

MSDN screenshot

Incidentally, what I am trying to find out is this:

Windows reports network interface statistics through WMI (Win32_PerfRawData_Tcpip_NetworkInterface to be precise).

Now the key here is the Name, which is totally unlike what ipconfig reports. e.g., ipconfig, task manager will report ‘Local Area Connection 2′, but the name in the instance of Win32_PerfRaw.. will be Intel(R) Local Area Connection_2 – Packet Scheduler Miniport’.

So how am I supposed to show the correct name for the interface if I’m using WMI? The class doesn’t contain a MAC address or anything, the Name is the key! Aargh, what do I do? See percentage pattern matched? Stupid! And sometimes the _ can be replaced by #, and () by [] etc.

Leave a note if you can help me out here, or even if you are frustrated over the same thing 🙂


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